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Product Configuration

Mounting Demension

Mounting Dimension
Specification parameters

General Specifications

Main Power Supply
Single-phase/3-phase 220V~240V 50~60HZ

Control Power Supply
Single-phase 220V~240V 50~60HZ

Encoder Feedback
Absolute encoder, 7 wires serial, 17 bits (131072 resolution)
Incremental encoder, 5 wires serial, 20 bits (1048576 resolution)
ABZ-phase incremental encoder, 2500P/r (10000 resolution)

Pulse & Direction Input Signal
2 groups of differential input signal (one for pulse, the other for direction)

Pulse Output
ABZ-phase encoder pulse output through line driver

Connected to PC (which has iMotion installed) via USB interface

Control Mode
① Position control; ② Velocity control; ③ Torque control

Position Control

Control Input
① Deviation counter clear;② Command pulse input inhibition;③ Electronic gear switching;④ Gain switching, etc

Control Output
Positioning complete (in-position)

Max Pulse Input Frequency
Line driver: 1Mpps Open collector: 200Kpps

Pulse Input Mode
Differential input, with parameter setup (① Positive/ negative; ② A-phase/B-phase; ③ Command/ direction)

Electronic Gear (division/multiplication of command pulse)
1/1000~1000 times

Smoothing filter, FIR filter, time delay filter

Pulse Output
Phase A, phase B and phase C: line driver output Pulse output division: within a range of 1 to 1/4 of encoder resolution

Velocity Control

Control Input
① 1st internal velocity; ② 2nd internal velocity; ③ 3rd internal velocity; ④ Zero-speed clamp

Control Output
At-speed(speed arrival)

Internal Velocity Command
8-velocity with parameter setup

Acceleration/Deceleration Adjustment
Individual setup of acceleration and deceleration is enabled. Sigmoid acceleration/deceleration is also enabled.

Zero-speed Clamp
In velocity mode, zero-speed clamp can work in velocity mode or position mode with parameter setup.

Torque Control

Control Input
Zero-speed clamp

Control Output
At-speed(speed arrival)

Speed Limit
Speed limit settable with parameter setup

Torque Command Filter
One first-order low pass filter, four notching filters


Hardware Protection
Protection from overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overspeed, overload, brake resistor overload, driver overheating and encoder exception, etc.

Software Protection
Alarms of storage error, initialization error, I/O allocation exception, and excess positional deviation, etc

Fault Record

14 fault records


Hardware encryption

Widely applied in…

Successful Cases


Router machine
Mould machine
Glass edge grinding machine
Robot arms
Embroidery machine


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