Mounting Dimension


4*USB 2.0


1*Giga LAN



Communication with Lambda by

PHOENIX BUS terminal

Analog voltage output


Tool Magazine

Linear type, Disk type, Servo type

Tool Measurement

Auto and Manual measurement

Tool Calibration

Fixed tool calibration, Mobile tool calibration, First calibration & Calibration after tool change

Compensation Type

Workpiece compensation, Screw error compensation, Backlash compensation, AQE compensation, Tool compensation

Supported File Format


WCS Setting

Supporting G54~G59 and WCS origin saving

Processing Technology

Multi-tasking, Array function, Mirror & Rotate, Multi-layer machining, Cycle machining

Convenient Operations

Handwheel guide, Breakpoint resume, Tool selection

Interpolation Algorithms

S-type, LEP, Acceleration T type algorithms

Software Language

Chinese, English

CNC Software Alarm

Alarms of program error, operation error, over-travel error, PLC error and IO communication error

Widely applied in……

Successful Cases
Small size, superior performance


Glass engraving machine
Plate cutting machine
Machining center
Mold engraving machine
Stone carving machine


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